90 days to Success!

This Bespoke package is for you if you're a self-starter who wants to create a full practice doing what you love ~ consistently.

You want to work with people you like and make your biz and lifestyle more aligned and fun. It doesn't matter whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro. If you're feeling stuck and you're sick of going around in circles and second-guessing yourself, it's for you!


You might know what to do and you might know how to do it but if you don't have the right mindset to make it happen, it won't.

Change is the catalyst for personal and professional growth, and for many of us, it can produce some form of anxiety, maybe even fear. As your coach, I help you get crystal clear on what you really want, discover what's been holding you back and help you change that for the long term, and I'm there for you every step of the way.


 Some options you might play for:  


  •   Build a business that aligns with your values and lifestyle goals
  •  Get more clients and give them results beyond their expectations
  •  Change habits that take you nowhere and limiting beliefs that hold you back
  •  Claim your Niche and/or package your programs with ease
  •  Reframe mindsets and take back control of your biz and lifestyle
  •  This Bespoke package gives you what you need when you need it
  •  Make more money doing what you love without compromise


Sounds great - So what can I expect?


I've listed out below some of what's included in this package. I'll be adding more as we discover exactly what you need to succeed. That's what I love about bespoke - you get what you need when you need it. It's all about you and your Lifestyle Business.


  • 1 x 90 minute Deep Dive Clarification session. What do you really want and why don't you have it yet? This is the bases of all our sessions.
  • 7 X 50-minute Collaborative Coaching sessions - it's all about results
  • Homework between sessions - including personalized resources
  • Pre & Post session accountability tools to help you get and keep on track 
  • Bottomless communication (use your portal for all communications)


Your financial investment for this package is $1795.00 USD payable in advance. Your personal investment is your ability to follow through on agreed actions, challenge your current mindsets and believe in your superpowers (we all have them). And then trust the process. If you can give a big YES to those 'conditions' then you're good to go.                             


A few people have asked me why the investment for my packages is so low. My lifestyle is such that I have few overheads and so I love to pay that forward and pass those savings on to my clients.   


Yes, you can do it all on your own, I did. Problem is, it took me years. If you'd rather spend that time doing more of what you love, let's work together.


If that's something you'd like to explore then I invite you to book a 'Let's Talk' session and take around 45 mins to discover exactly what is getting in the way and stopping you from reaching your current goals and dreams. I'll listen, I'll ask you a lot of questions and then together we'll decide if we'd like to work together or not. Either way, we get to meet, talk and create some value for each other.


 Here's a link to my calendar for when you decide to go ahead and book your 'Let's Talk' session. If you have any problems with time, please contact me and see what we can work out.


What others are saying


    I have never met a more vibrant and positive coach than Joan. Her enthusiasm for life and helping people (me) blows me away each time we meet. She’s been such a massive influence and support in my life over the past few years. 

If you’re looking for a business coach and want a digital lifestyle, there is no one more qualified than Joan.   Jill Ogle - Coach | jillogle.com


 " I have 3 new contracts for paying clients and have seen through to completion other projects that in the past, I would have put to the side and started new ones. I have clear financial targets and know what I stand for.

Joan is a highly skilled coach and her style was a great fit for me as I needed a no B.S approach and that’s what I got, plus so much more."  Paula McSporran, Performance Coach NZ

Joan Bell is just phenomenal. She has a way of cutting to what’s most important and brings it to light in a quick and powerful way. When we worked together she was able to tune in and reflect back exactly what I needed most in the moment.

I was able to create a clear statement of intent for myself that has helped to guide me ever since! If you get the chance to work with Joan, don’t pass it up. She’s an inspiration!”   Teri Thomas NY USA - Coach

Before you go, grab a copy of the QUIZ and learn the habits and traits of successful solopreneurs. Business can be fun when you have a few simple steps in place. Pop your details in the boxes below and it's yours instantly.