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Life coaching is all about you. It's where you and I  get together to map out exactly how you want your life to BE and then create the action steps to make that happen. 

What would you love to be different? Is it more time you crave, or more money? Do you long for a healthier, fitter lifestyle, or do you want to know what's 'next' for you?

Starting exactly where you are now, we'll discover what it would take to have you jump out of bed each morning looking forward to an exciting day ahead.

Are you prepared to take a leap of faith and trust your inner wise self to help you discover what would really rock your world?  And then take the actions you need to have that - exactly as you imagined it?  Great, that's the plan!

What happens next? 

 I like to keep things simple and with that in mind, the LLTTM package will be tailored to your personal needs, goals and values. All you need to do is show up and be prepared to participate 100%. You will have an opportunity to:

  • Take a snapshot of your life and see what's working and what isn't
  • Identify and eradicate self-limiting beliefs (and install new ones)
  • Investigate your current values and see if they still align with your vision 
  • Set big fat juicy goals - the NLP way  (we'll get very specific)
  • Take actions that will support your success
  • Have fun and set yourself up for a future you will love!

There are many of us who struggle for years hoping and wishing for things to change and stay stuck there. And when we're stuck we tend to dig deeper and deeper until we reach a stage where we can't see any way out. 

If you want a great life.  A life that brings you more joy, more fun and more of the experiences and people that make your life meaningful, then you need to take that first step.

Book your discovery session now and allow me to help you discover what a 'great life' looks like for you. Values and beliefs may change over time and your 'great life' vision may also change. Let's find out together. Book your free session below.


STEP 1. We begin with a DEEP DIVE session of 90 minutes to get the 'lay of the land'. What do you really want?

STEP 2. CLARITY AND FOCUS follows the deep dive session. This is where we begin to get very specific & strategic. (60-minute session)

3.  DOING THE WORKThis is where we create the programme, do the work, shift limiting beliefs and create new habits to support you in ways that align with your beliefs and values. We pinpoint exactly what you need to do to get exactly what you want. 

4.  After our final session, you will have access to me for another 7 days via your private Console 24/7.  If anything comes up, or you need to ask a question simply add a message to your 'client notes' and I'll be on it in a flash.

The Console is available to you whenever you need it during our time together. It's where we house everything we do so there's no scrambling around searching for documents, emails etc. It's all in one safe, secure place. 

So, to make it easy,



I invite you to book a 50-minute "Let's Talk' discovery session to get your questions answered. This is a no obligation, no pressure, and cost-free way to discover if coaching is your next best step. 

Imagine releasing habits that no longer serve you and self-limiting beliefs that until now have held you back from achieving your highest goals. What would that allow you to manifest in your life? How would your life be different?

When we work together I will support you, hold you accountable, guide you and motivate you so that everything you desire becomes a realistic option. You matter, and I would love to help you discover that for yourself.  You can book your session here  or

Contact me now by emailing me at with 'Let's Talk' in the subject heading - and let's get this conversation started!

WHAT IS NLP? (I use NLP and meta-coaching methods)

WHAT IS NLP? .... the nutshell version.

 "NLP is a tool to understand how the language of our mind creates and runs the patterns we have in life"  Dr Heidi Heron, NLP Worldwide. (My NLP Trainer)

 NLP is a tool for massive change.  Our habits are often created during childhood and adolescence when we didn't have enough experience to make better choices.  As adults and with NLP tools we have the opportunity to create a life we love, for the long term.

Life is simply better with an NLP coach at your side!.....

Since I achieved NLP Master Practitioner certification I've taken my studies further and spent most of last year  ((2017) training in Meta-Coaching which takes NLP to a whole other level. I now have an even better handle on how our minds work and the tools and skills to help myself and others change what no longer serves us so that we can become better people, better neighbours and better citizens of the world. Join me and let's talk.