Coaches! 3 Steps to More Clients!

3 Steps to More Clients (for Coaches & Service Professionals) 


Do you often feel overwhelmed and out of your depth when it comes to marketing your business?

Do you sometimes feel that you're advancing 'backward'?


You're not alone, believe me.

I used to feel like that too, so I get where you're coming from. And, that's why I created '3 steps to More Clients' for you. If I can save you just some of the angst I went through, I'd be happy.

In this download I share.


  1. The 3 steps you need to take every day to get consistent results
  2. The mindset that comes into play when you take those steps
  3. What you need to have in place to get the results you want


I've kept this as simple as possible because I know from working with clients over many years that simple, works.  Action -  is what pulls it all together.

Follow these steps, trust the process, and then watch as your biz builds in leaps and bounds. Step by step, action by action you will build and grow a business you'll be proud of. And make some moolah along the way!

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"Joan Bell is just phenomenal. She has a way of cutting to what’s most important and brings it to light in a quick and powerful way. When we worked together she was able to tune in and reflect back exactly what I needed most in the moment.

I was able to create a clear statement of intent for myself that has helped to guide me ever since! If you get the chance to work with Joan, don’t pass it up. She’s an inspiration!”   

Teri Thomas NY USA - Coach