About Joan

You might know what to do and you might know how to do it but if you don't have the right mindset to make it happen, it won't.

Working with savvy, spirited, freestyle coaches & service professionals is what floats my boat - and helping them get unstuck, into action and excited about their lifestyle-business is what keeps me doing what I do.

I'm a practical, results-focused coach who's willing to challenge you, support you and provide a safe space where you get to show up exactly as you are. My job is to assist you in getting the results that align with your superpowers, your skills, and your personal preferences.

I work from the inside out so there are no quick-fixes but rather long-term, proven results.Want a better business and a better lifestyle? You're in the right place.

Funny thing is. When your biz fits into your lifestyle, success seems to happen anyway, as a result of living a life you truly love. And success is whatever you decide.


There've been some weird and wonderful jobs and careers in my repertoire over the years, including working with 150 men as a manual labourer, a hostess on an Island resort, and a stint running my own sports fashion label where I was the designer, creator and head of sales. I loved it!

Before coaching. I worked as a fitness professional and still have a passion for health and fitness, spending time most days mountain biking or walking. My partner and I have been living harmoniously for more than 30 years now, and we still make fun and laughter a big part of our day.

I look forward to collaborating on your next exciting chapter and invite you to download my free gift, read a few blog posts and FAQ's, and when you're ready, please contact me and let's see how we might work together and help you build and grow a lifestyle biz that really rocks your world!


Only as high as I reach
can I grow,

Only as far as I seek
can I go,

Only as deep as I look
can I see,

Only as much as I dream can I be.

— Karen Ravn


When I'm not coaching clients, you'll find me out on my mountain bike riding the beautiful trails somewhere in Australia, we travel quite a bit and there's always a fun or challenging trail to be discovered.

Being in nature fuels my soul. The silence and beauty leave me in awe of what's important in life. It can be as simple as we want to make it.





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